Science & Humanities

This Department aims at imparting knowledge, skills and above all attitude which is vital for a Professional Engineer. Mathematics, Physics, Environmental Science, Chemistry and English will equip the students with richer insights into Theoretical as well as Application oriented knowledge to become an up to date engineer

This Department also focusses on cocurricular & extra curricular activities.

The Department consist of modern laboratories. The department is manned by a team of highly qualified faculty members.

  • State-of-the-Art Multimedia
  • language lab
  • Phonetics Lab
  • Sessions on Accent Neutralisation
  • Improvement of Communication
  • Skills, Soft Skills and Etiquette
  • Annual Research project on
  • Language


  • Dr. A. Sarkar -Ph.D
  • Dr. P. Sudha Rani -Ph.D
  • Dr. GBRK.Sastry -Ph.D
  • Mrs.DVM.Ramani -M.Sc
  • Ms.Zehra Fathima -M.Phil
  • Mr.B.Ramanuja Srinivas -M.Phil
  • Mr.D.Vamsi Mohan -(M.Phil)
  • Ms.Y.V.Sudha Devi -M.Phil
  • Ms.M.Saritha -M.Phil
  • Mr.N.Srihari -M.Sc
  • Mrs.Agnes Neelima -M.Sc
  • Mr.Ch.Srikar Gupta -M.Sc
  • Ms.R.Swapna -M.Sc
  • Mr.S.Srinivas Rao -MBA
  • Ms.B.Swapna -MBA
  • Mrs.Mina Kataria -M.Phil
  • Mr.Afzal -M.Sc
  • Mr.J.Seshu Kumar -M.Sc
  • Mr.Ch.Naveen Kumar -M.Sc (M.Phil)
  • Mr.Moiz Eheeshamuddin -Ph.D
  • Mrs. A.Adilakshmi -M.Phil
  • Ms.Vasaya Fatima -MBA
  • Dr. E. Nagaratnam -Ph.D
  • Dr. M. Prithvi Raj -Ph.D
  • Dr. S. Swarnalatha -Ph.D