St. Mary's Group of Institution poses both an invitation and a challenge. A challenge to open your mind to whatever feels new and innovative; to expose to whatever is futuristic; to reevaluate whatever feels too common and ordinary, and to ask questions different from those everyone else is asking. At St. Mary's we are answering these very questions every day.

The result is an original and unique experience in the field of education; a shift from the ordinary. Not only does the college preach about shift but also infuses every single facet of education enabling students to metamorphosis themselves into 'a complete professional'.

With the conceptual methods that we adopt, St. Marians will be destined to make for themselves in this world. Being Chairman & Managing Director, I try to be accessible to students and parents throughout their academic endeavors.

They can walk into my chamber any time for any help. The every idea of meeting the young minds inspires me.

At St. Mary's "Excellence" is a Passion. It is a part of our thinking, our actions, our attitude and our very being. It is our single-minded pursuit to produce world class engineers who are multifaceted and successful human beings, carving a niche for them.

St. Mary's has commendable credentials in the field of Education by producing more than 3000 quality professionals every year under the auspices of Rev. K.V.K. Rao, Founder Secretary. With his dynamism, cosmopolitan thinking and great vision, adoring the coveted posts of Chairman of Andhra Pradesh Consortium of Professional Colleges Managements Association, Secretary General, Consortium of Engineering & Professional Colleges Managements Association of Andhra Pradesh, Managing Director, Sree Harsha Technologies, S.S.Foundry Pvt. Ltd., K.V.K. Engieering Wroks, Sree Harsha Industries, Hyderabad; to mention a few.

-Rev K.V.K. Rao